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vancouver’s largest
immersive experience


Dive into the mind of Edgar Allan Poe as he desperately searches for his lost love in this tragic dream within a dream. While exploring the 20+ rooms, 3-floors, and countless tales, you will unravel the mystery of his chaotic descent into madness. Performing at the Cultch this August, audiences will explore a transformed space as if they were stumbling through the 19th Century Victorian era.

“You will witness Shakespeare like you've never seen it before.” - Mel W.

“No one is safe, not even the audience.” - Neil V. 


show run: Aug 13-25, 2019


Deep Into Darkness is an immersive production produced by Third Wheel Productions.

Immersive theatre places the audience into the performance, shattering the ‘fourth wall’ and other traditional theatre customs. Audience members can follow characters throughout the show, within a 3-story building, transporting them into Edgar Allan Poe’s mind. This isn't your average Vancouver performance, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to explore.